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Guys and Dolls Reviews

"Lillie Eliza Thomas refreshingly gives Sarah more moxie than usual; her tipsy “If I Were a Bell” is a delight."

- Matthew J. Palm, Orlando Sentinel


The Bodyguard

"You may recall that in the movie, Rachel has a sister, Nicki. Or, just as likely, you might not recall at all. But no one will forget her role in the stage show, where it's beefed up, modified, and assigned some of Houston's heaviest hitters. That means producers have to double the diva. Enter Lillie Eliza Thomas, fresh off her run in Orlando Shakes' tour-caliber Little Shop and, before that, a still-memorable turn in the Garden's own Hello, Dolly! Her voice is fully Whitney-worthy, and just as importantly, she imbues Nicki with a tortured-but-sweet blend of yearning and regret that the movie couldn't quite master. When she sets her eyes on her sister's man and sings of forbidden flirtation in "Saving All My Love for You," it's not just an "American Idol" number - it's a character piece. And that's exactly why THE BODYGUARD works so well on stage."

- Aaron Wallace, Broadway World


Head Over Heels

"And the standout from beginning to end is the Queen herself, Lillie Eliza Thomas. I had the good fortune of watching her play Audrey in the Orlando Shakes outdoor production of Little Shop of Horrors a few weeks before she took on Gynecia. The pipes she brought to Audrey is also used to great effect here with three Act II numbers that showcase her powerful vocals, including the Belinda Carlisle power ballad "Heaven is a Place on Earth." " 

- Albert Gutierrez, Broadway World


"And in this woman-centric show, powerful performances from... Lillie Eliza Thomas provide comic heft...Meanwhile, Thomas comically goes from honey to vinegar on a dime — while providing a tonsorial fashion parade, thanks to Justin Lore’s towering wigs."

- Matthew J. Palm, Orlando Sentinel